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Nanjing Chuangbo is committed to high-polymer compound modification, reactive extrusion, post-reaction treatment, continuous long-fiber infiltration coating, mixing and forming one-step method, and carbon dioxide foam molding step represented by co-rotating twin-screw extruder. Short processes such as law, intelligent equipment and related technology and engineering in the field of process and engineering, product manufacturing and turnkey projects. In the field of high polymer compounding equipment, it is the eternal pursuit of Chuangbo to build a leading domestic and internationally renowned modern national brand. It has been recognized as a “high-tech enterprise” and a “private technology enterprise in Jiangsu Province”.
◆The technical R&D team composed of many professors from Beijing University of Chemical Technology and the core team of China's co-directional twin-screw technology founders have strong alliances and resource sharing.
It constitutes the most competitive talent resource advantage of Nanjing Chuangbo in the domestic twin-screw extruder industry;
◆Relying on the two experimental R&D centers of Beijing University of Chemical Technology and Nanjing Chuangbo, combined with the major domestic and international demand and the development trend of polymer materials industry, continue to open
The development of new technologies and equipment for the processing of polymer materials can realize the integration and seamless connection of theoretical, experimental and engineering application technologies;
◆Chuangbo Company, in addition to providing a twin-screw granulation line for routine operations, especially in the preparation of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites, supercritical fluids
Foam key technology and equipment, twin-screw reactive extrusion and post-reaction processing equipment, dry-free recycling PET sheet production line, various fluorine-containing materials mixing and granulating
The production line, special application twin screw and other fields have unique technical advantages;

◆Chuangbo Company has a domestic first-class modern manufacturing platform, and the key component manufacturing technology is self-controlled. At the same time, it can provide turnkey projects for all kinds of upstream and downstream and peripheral auxiliary machines for special processing technology, forming a set design. The comprehensive advantages of processing, manufacturing, intelligent control and application of four key technologies.




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