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2018 Nanjing China Plastics Association four new exhibitions, conferences

On October 28th, Nanjing China Plastics Association four new exhibitions, conferences

The Advanced Polymer Processing Laboratory (APML) of Beijing University of Chemical Technology is mainly engaged in the research of advanced polymer processing technology and the development of complete sets of process equipment. It is committed to the realization of high performance of polymer materials and the development of green and advanced molding processes. The main research directions are:

Supercritical fluid extrusion foaming PET production line

1. Plastic foam molding technology and complete sets of equipment. In cooperation with Nanjing Chuangbo, it has developed extrusion, injection and foaming processing technologies such as PS, PP, PET and TPU, and has promoted more than 10 production lines in China. The main use of supercritical carbon dioxide environmentally friendly foaming system to achieve material weight and process safety and environmental protection.

Supercritical fluid extrusion foaming polypropylene production line

2. Fiber reinforced composite molding technology and equipment. The LFT-G production line has been researched and developed and serialized to meet the processing requirements of reinforced PP, PA, PET, PEEK and other systems such as glass fiber, carbon fiber and basalt fiber. It is also possible to prepare unidirectional and multidirectional prepreg tapes. To meet the needs of high strength and light weight.

Long fiber reinforced LFT-G extrusion line
3. Plastic blending modification and high-performance processing technology and equipment. It has developed high-speed high-torque twin-screw, co-directional triangular three-screw and other new mixing processing equipment, and realized high-efficiency blending processing of various systems.

Co-directional three-screw mixing extruder



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