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2018 China International Plastics Exhibition

The predecessor of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Beijing University of Chemical Technology was the mechanical department established in 1958 when the Beijing Institute of Chemical Technology was established. It initially had three majors: chemical machinery and equipment, synthetic material processing machinery, chemical process automation and instrumentation. In 1996, it was renamed mechanical engineering. The college was renamed the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering in March 2000.

The school now has a four-series teaching unit: the basic department, and the department of over-loading, machinery, safety, and design, involving engineering and art. The college now has a first-level doctoral degree and post-doctoral mobile station in "Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics", and 6 second-level master's degree programs, among which chemical process machinery is a national key discipline, mechanical design and theory is a key discipline in Beijing, and safety engineering. It is a key interdisciplinary subject in Beijing It has built two key disciplines with national defense characteristics, and graduates are employed and pursued in various fields such as aviation, aerospace, three major oil industries, energy, materials, and medicine. After several decades of development, the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering has formed a college featuring chemical process machinery and equipment, polymer material processing technology and equipment, safety science and engineering. It is an important base for the cultivation of mechanical talents, scientific research and technology development in China. one.

TSH-40 supercritical carbon dioxide foam complete unit
The supercritical carbon dioxide foaming extrusion complete set exhibited by the company is the latest achievement of strategic cooperation between many professors of Beijing University of Chemical Technology and Nanjing Chuangbo Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. As the leading edge extrusion foaming technology in the country, it has the characteristics of environmental friendliness, non-combustibility and low production cost. It is an extrusion foaming technology with broad application prospects.



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