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Foam Extrusion Lines with Supercritical CO2

  • PET Foam Extrusion Lines with Supercritical CO2
PET Foam Extrusion Lines with Supercritical CO2

PET Foam Extrusion Lines with Supercritical CO2

  • Environment-friendly
  • Safety
  • Economical
  • Microcellular and High Performance
  • Product description: PET Foam Extrusion Lines with Supercritical CO2
Foam Technology for Highly Functional Products that are Friendly to Man and the Environment
We contributes to develop highly functional products with our environmentally friendly technology.
Safe and Ecological Foaming Agent
·  No-need for explosion-proof facilities: Unlike hydrocarbon-based foaming agents, our foaming agent is non-explosive.
·  Ecological: With its low GWP coefficients, our foaming agent is ecological compared to hydrocarbon-based agents.
·  Superior recycling efficiency: Unlike chemical foaming agents, our foaming agent contains no poisonous residue.
For molding highly functional foam products
Supercritical insert gas foaming enables:
·  Formation of cells just a few μm in diameter
·  Production of highly foamed crystalline resins - difficult with conventional foam technologies
·  High added value, such as optical performance, by controlling cell diameter
Total Technical Support
·  We thoroughly supports the development of raw materials, operation processes, and equipment with the Japanese cooperative partner.
·  Supercritical Insert Gas Feeder can feed carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and other inert gases.
·  Our standard lineup of foam molding machines includes extruders and reaction injection molders.

Main Products
Thermoplastic resin: PE PP PLA PS PET...
Extrusion Molding: Plate, sheet, block, membrane, strip, fiber...

Quantitative supply technology that responds to instant pressure fluctuations

The Supercritical Insert Gas Feeder enables extremely precise supply of foaming agents that conventional pumps cannnot achieve.
It is a quantitative gas feeder developed specially for supercritical inert gas foam molding.

Highly precise gas supply to any foam molding

·  Because of the low solubility of carbon dioxide and nitrogen in resins, slight fluctuations in gas supply have a large effect on the foaming conditions.
·  The Supercritical Insert Gas Feeder ensures precise gas addition by automatically synchronizing the addition pressure with the pressure in the molding machine.

For quantitative addition of various inert gases
·  The Supercritical Insert Gas Feeder  can be used to add various inert gases such as supercritical carbon dioxide and nitrogen.
·  The systems can supply gas in micro to large amounts.
Standard models provide gas at supply pressures of 15 MPa and 25 MPa. Higher pressure models are also available.

For purposes other than foam molding
·  Demand is growing for supply of supercritical inert gases other than for foam molding.
·  We can manage requests for various options, allowing customers to employ the Supercritical Insert Gas Feeder for a wide variety of uses.

Supercritical Insert Gas Feeder

Compare to conventional pumps
Highly precise gas supply  without the influence of  insert pressure